Saturday, May 5, 2018

Official Minecraft DLC

This idea is for Minecraft DLC addons, $10 - $20 each. The addons focus on broadening gaming style in Survival Mode.

Underwater cities introduced the concept of preventing mining. With this addon, they create the possibility for better map navigation, ship navigation, and constructing shipyards - $10

Relic from underwater city is an ingredient for an incantation spell. Players can cast the spell on an area to protect it like the underwater city.

  • (Exactly the same way that the underwater cities are protected from standard attacks.)
    • Attacks can still happen indirectly, but mining no longer has the same effect on protected areas (without inordinate amounts of milk drinking)
  • Primary methods of attack become available in other DLC:
    • TNT from trebuchet or cannon
    • trebuchet ammo
    • cannon ammo
    • laser cooking

Shipyards allow players to build ships, and then send them out to sea.

  • Ships carry NPCs, livestock, chests, and cannons (cannons with another upgrade)

  Alien crash sites create the possibility for "laser arrays" - $15 

  • A laser array charges surrounding ground area with power, which does a few things:
    • charges ground for buildings that need power
    • serves as a tech alternative for magic player spell from underwater city
      • more control than magic
      • more area than magic
      • the underwater city puts a spell on players' minds, (not on the blocks) whereas laser arrays protect a given area of blocks
      • ?? laser array must be turned off in order to alter constructions ??
    • enables instant transport anywhere in the ground area charged by the laser array
  • Laser arrays work by contrasting darkness with red light. Therefore they must be built underground (they can be built above ground, but then they only work at night)
The distance between the diamond crystal and red crystal must be around 100 layers for the most optimum output to lens cubes (although the distance can be less). Greater numbers of lens cubes, along with the form of their placement, also effect the overall ground charge area of the laser array.
  • Laser arrays must be connected by a single beam of focused sunlight from a diamond crystal, which collects solar glow during the day.
    • The diamond works as a day-long capacitor, averaging daylight's powerup over a full day of beaming light.
      • this has uses other than a laser array (not sure yet)
    • The redstone crystal accepts the focused beam from the diamond crystal, and subsequently sends red light to mirrors/lens cubes.
    • ??????????????????????
    • the link between the diamond and redstone crystals is the minimal qualification for a laser array, though it is highly favorable to enhance the array with red lasers, mirrors, and lens cubes.
      • all the red light/dark contrast becomes a visual indicator of level of the array's ground charge
    • the greater the distance between the diamond crystal, and the redstone crystal, the better. (up to a point)
      • because of this, diamond crystals are often placed at the top of towers. (makes for interesting war vulnerability as well as personal touches in building towers)
    • Unlike the distance between the diamond crystal and the redstone crystal, the red lasers are most optimum being relatively tight together. This is because close together, they bare a synergistic effect on charging the surrounding ground.
    • Optimum distance between the diamond crystal and the red crystal of the array enables a greater number of mirrors and/or lens cubes to be used in the array. (Thus it enables a greater area of ground charge.)
  • So, not all laser arrays are equal. These factors change the strength:
    • distance between  diamond  redstone  crystals
    • arrangement of mirrors/lens cubes
    • normal torch light surrounding array
    • surrounding sunlight
    • shadows on the diamond crystal, including rainy weather
  • Elements of a laser array can be weaponized (not sure how specifically)

Newton Devices  - $20 - Pullies, Levers, Cogs, Wheels, Rope

Although I am not referring to a full physics enabled rope, adding these features is still difficult.

These features work in a creation device, and/or building - not in a fully physics enabled world. (Unless that is easy enough.) Rather, there are devices that can be made and then used in the world.

  • trebuchet
  • elevator column
  • cart / wagon
    • movable chests

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Globe and Timeline Exploration Web Application

This application could be thought of as:

  • a user friendly tool for research and education
  • a new way of seeing history and data over geography and time-lapses
    • play through spans of time, to see animation-like visuals over a geographical region 
    • ie: see the trail of progress over time of a migration or a crusade
    • ie: see the geographical movement of the statue of David, from quarry location, to museum, etc.
  • an addictive search engine that teaches history
    • a history-based, fact-based alternative to web surfing
  • a potential source of advertising revenue
  • a potential front-end for Wikipedia
  • an application that frames perspective and scale around a central theme: the origins and advances of humanity

3 interactive methods of filtering

  1. Interactive 13 Billion Year Timeline
  2. Interactive 3D Universe / Globe
  3. Search / Advanced Search filters

3D Globe Features

  • Nation boundaries correspond to the timeline's year/period
  • Nation selection mode and/or area selection mode can indicate a search filter
    • (a nation selection will at times filter different results than a geographical selection)
  • Detailed zoom levels are unavailable when they are not pertinent in scale
    • (up to a point in the 13 billion year timeline, the 3D viewer is more like a guided tour than a method of filtering search results)
  • Theorized views/animations for pre-Earth and Space
    • Continental drift
    • pangea
    • molten Earth
    • moon's origin
    • galaxy
    • galaxy cluster
    • big bang

Timeline Features

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Suite of PIM Applications "PIM Suite"

The concept is like an office suite, (in that the applications are full featured and primarily offline). The applications revolve around expressing ideas in a personal capacity, rather than a professional one.

  • Brainstorm Speed-Mapper
    • a thorough, directed mind mapping application built specifically to prioritize the emergence of ideas' structure with the greatest possible speed - the shortest amount of delay from conception to expression.
    • enforcing hierarchical structure is off by default.
      • (key to this emergence)
      • (key to the more personal approach) 
      • (differentiates it from most mind-mapping applications)
  • Personal Wiki
    • built around the logical and fluid presentation of information to yourself
      • Your version of the world - your take on the world - your perspective and individuality.
    • creations range from scrapbook - to PIM - to logically structuring any and all visions of the Universe and everything ever
  • Lesson Presenter
    • Variation of presentation software (i.e. perhaps literally a reworking of something like LibreOffice Impress)
    • One person creates it while others operate it (versus presentation where the same person creates and operates it)
    • asynchronous (rather than built for a group meeting presentation)
    • for non-linear learning 
      • (users start from a home slide, and move back and forth, drilling into various topics.)
      • (more like a web page)
    • nested/embedded
      • slideshows
      • audio
      • video
    • 2d menus
    • 3d widget menus
    • .pptx format as well as a compression format that packages all related offline content in a single playable file

Application Interoperability

  • Brainstormer can produce
    •  an outline for a paper
    • menu structure for the wiki
  • Lesson presenter can produce .pptx files, compatible with standard presenters simply by opting out of extra feature-set.
  • Wiki can produce
    • mind map
    • lesson structure for presenter
    • menu structure for wiki
    • easy meta data from wiki tables and custom fields etc. 
  • Secondarily, the applications can produce web-based exports

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Microsoft Distributes Mods and Custom Game Versions

Microsoft needs to provide a central repository for exceptional Minecraft mods and custom game versions, much in the same way that Valve does for Elder Scrolls, but with tighter control and more concise versioning.

YouTube - View Any Content

What if YouTube could become a way of consuming practically any type of digital content that can fit in a window on the Internet.

How are other types of content so different from video? (Most types of content require less bandwidth and hard drive space, barring games.)

  • Interactive .pptx presentations.
  • Office Documents
  • Simple games
  • Audio
  • Interactive lessons

  • embed YouTube content in other YouTube content
    • e.g. embed YouTube videos in a YouTube .pptx slideshow
    • e.g. embed/nested YouTube slideshow in another YouTube slideshow

Personal Lesson Creator

Could also be thought of as:

  • personal lesson creator, for teachers and students
  • .ppt presentation based around the individual, rather than a group
  • .ppt presentation intended to be non-synchronous, rather than synchronous
  • an interactive, non-linear .ppt presentation
  • a reworking of LibreOffice Impress, with new addins, to easily create non-linear, interactive lessons

Features include:
  • embedded slide-shows within single slides
  • triggered panes for displaying information pertaining to widget menu options
  • 2d and 3d graphical wizbop widget menus for creating memorable structure to navigation, that is pertinent to whatever subject is being taught
    • interactive objects that represent different structures in information
      • stages
      • tiers
      • drill down depth
      • layers
      • alternatives
      • opposites
      • contradictions
      • similes and metaphors
      • illusions
      • time-sensitive concepts
      • changing and transitional concepts

Larger Plan

Create sharable center on the web, or encourage Google/other to enable interactive viewing of .ppt presentations on YouTube.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

The Next Linux Phone

Perhaps the Linux community does not need a new Linux phone.

What they need is a package of drivers, tools, and apps that can be installed on a phone that has Linux on it.

And . . .

A community like XDA that ports full Linux distros to phones.

Or . . .

Nokia needs to make a come back with an actual n900 followup.