Tuesday, August 23, 2016

'CLI-GUI Transference' is a Principle of Operating System Design

'CLI-GUI Transference' is a coined term for a principle of operating system design that needs attention.

Cli-gui transference is about maintaining a relationship and a consistency between gui and cli tools.

Cli-gui transference means:

  • skills easily transfer between cli and gui methods
  • gui methods mentor users on cli methods
  • cli users easily derive gui methods
  • gui users easily recognize and acquire cli conventions

This principle is useful when approaching os design from a holistic vantage point. In other words, neither features of the cli or gui exist in a vacuum respectively. The value of this design comes in good hindsight of problems that arise from the gui and cli being disparate in technique.

Good gui transference means:

  • gui methods show cli conventions and terminology wherever possible
  • gui methods still maintain elegance and minimalism
  • cli methods are designed for discernibility, order, and derivability

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