Thursday, August 25, 2016

Distro 2: The GUI has a GUI-Component Construction Kit

The Settings and Features Problem:

The OS can only facilitate so many options and settings

     ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ              possible function availability

So they select a lot they think will be used by most people

      W Q U O P R D X C M H L T A J Z S K              standard function availability

But users inevitably want a whole different set at their fingertips

    E       X      T      I      P      Z       J       B               preferred functions

Windows and Linux both have this problem.

The Windows/Mac approach to solving this problem is:
  • Reduce Options
  • Fall back on tradition and familiarity
  • Obfuscate 'deeper' functionalities
  • Familiarity creates illusion of superior design
  • Stale feature set
  • Awkward, failed attempts at change
  • Limited number of operations

The Linux Approach to solving this problem is: (maybe better?)
  • Reduce Options
  • Create Myriad of Desktop Environments
  • Imitate Windows GUI Menus

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