Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Distro 2

"Distro 2" is a conceptual new upstream cli Linux that 'reboots the franchise'.

A hardened pre-graphical OS presumably running on the Linux Kernel with the philosophies of:
  • logical according to modern usage scenarios
  • logical from a ground-up skill acquisition approach
    • consistent and minimized rules of operation
    • a tool - not a history lesson
    • less memorization
  • maximum deprecation and efficiency
Compatibility with older distributions is a downstream development


  • new file-system hierarchy
  • new binaries
    • good naming conventions
      • hardline, Nazi conventions, potentially system-enforced
    • designed balance in number of binary options with number of binaries
    • reduced redundancy
    • consistent, derivable rules of options
    • consistent, derivable rules of functionality
  • Shell IDE CLI meta files (like computer readable man pages)
    • requires ground-up non-graphical panel functionality
    • binaries options displayed
    • keystroke conventions
    • consistent option naming conventions
  • Modularity of course
  • 'Derivability' (minimizes the need for 'technique memorization')
    • the concept of derivability is that practical operating techniques can be derived through meta rules about how the operations are constructed.
    • it means that there is greater design behind how things are accomplished
    • most importantly, a user could think of a task to accomplish, and be more likely to be able to guess how it is done to minimize the need for memorization.
    • designing derivibility comes down to optimizing:
      • modularity of operating principles
      • reduction of rules
      • reduction of redundant functionality
      • identifying core, absolute operating limitations and directionality created by universalities of, and dependencies on, characteristics of essential devices and interface methods.

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