Wednesday, August 31, 2016

GUI 2 - Keyboard Binding Management

GUI 2:
  • memory footprint scales along with console-to-game usage
  • user never leaves session to change desktop environment
  • variety of usage workflows are producible through alterations within the environment
    • keyboard-only
      • command line
      • panels
      • windows
      • most possible
    • mouse
      • most possible
    • touch 
      • most possible
GUI 3: clearly requires different interface
    • VR 3d positional
      • most possible
    • Thought-reading
      • everything

Decided to call Distro 2's GUI 'GUI 2'.)(

  • All applications in GUI 2 have application shortcut profiles.
  • The management for these profiles is linked to in the window decorations, or whatever equivalent OS-level structure exists.
  • There is an app for managing keyboard bindings per application. 
  • All keyboard shortcut profiles can be exported and imported via simple files.
  • All applications have a code or individual name that fits into a universal naming convention.
  • Files are much like .css files, except they are listed according to the keystroke first.

<Application> [
ctrl+x: <function>;
ctrl+c: <function>;

<Application>.<location> [
ctrl+x: <function>;

If there are doubts as to how keyboard shortcuts can be transferred to different types of applications, then check out the Firefox VIM shortcut add-on. It is a perfect example of how shortcuts do not transfer perfectly, but still work.

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