Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Suggested Elder Scrolls VI Features

Dwemer Downfall Theme
Through a special magical phenomenon such as a "Dragon Break", send the player back and forth between two different time periods. This would allow players to see certain areas, such as Dwemer ruins, in two different playable states. ie: one in the distant past with the Dwemer, and one without.

(everybody wants to see the dwemer!)

Fantasy Landscape
Bethesda desperately needs to return the landscape to have fantasy elements like Morrowind. It needs to capture beauty, following the essence of Morrowind. Oblivion and Skyrim's landscapes are ultimately too normal and boring.

Conversation Dialect System
The conversation system in Skyrim needs to blow people away. A Dialect system would model rumors and interactive speech patterns, so that language could behave much like real language. This language system could also be modded.

Improved Visual and Physics Details

  • Weapons need to hit body parts visually.
  • Running, jumping, etc. should not be animations, but normalized random body motions that correspond to realtime conditions.

Skills Develop Like Real Skills
  • Low Level
    • A weapon that is too heavy to lift should be usable, but the player will only be able to grab the handle and drag it on the ground - and then
    • If a spell is cast at a low level, a mistaken or weaker version of the spell is cast.
  • Mid Level
    • You finally feel like you are able to use skills practically
  • High Level
    • You feel that things come easier, and then easy

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