Monday, September 19, 2016

Lost Boys cover, from fake parody to heavy tragedy

Song starts out a light song about deciding to cover Lost Boys and riffing on popstars.

Song goes into singer saying why riffing the song is a bad idea, because it sounds gay.

Song goes into hate rhetoric about gays being lost.

"Dixieland I love you so. And I'm a homophic bro. Forever a lost boy you'll be."

The verses progress from hate rhetoric into the singer realizing that he had a childhood homosexual experience.

portrays it as dirty hypothetical
He sprinkled me with fairy dust and told me to believe. Believe in him and believe in me.
ie. "Peter  Pan I love you so, but I'm a homophic bro. So keep that dust off of me."

Sure they made broke. Back a moveeeeeee.
But we don't want that. Dust in the breeeeeze.
"Peter Pan I love you so, but I'm a homophic bro. So keep that #*&! off of me.

The general idea is that the verses progress from being hate rhetoric into being a deep confrontation with sexuality and a then a denial, and then a deep commitment to lifestyle. - a bit tragic.

portrays it as pure memory and ironic internal conflict ensues.

"Peter Pan I love you so. I will never let you go."
"Forever a lost boy I'll be."

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