Monday, September 19, 2016

Some More on MediaWiki 2

Zim Wiki seems to be the closest example to something like this.

  • Offline capable version
    • uses all same techniques and formats 
    • compatible with online version
    • contained within one app
    • can access local resources
    • lacks multi-user features
  • Auto-markup like Zim Wiki
  • Customizable Object-bank classes
    • a "bank" refers to a visual, searchable, sortable box of a class of items which are defined by a MediaWiki user.
    • if these objects are visual in nature, such as images, or links to YouTube videos, etc, then the visual representation appears in the bank.
    • Otherwise, there is a format for defining visual data cards to represent those objects. (provides the usability of an app store.)
    • Bank classes have associate pages of defining system data fields that users can fill out.

editing features
  • Endless Editable Meta Field classes
    • {{{sub-class of: x, y, z}}}
    • {{{}}}
    • is a type of
    • is a 

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