Saturday, September 3, 2016

SharePlace: Sharing Network

So the concept is what is called a "sharing network."

The social aspects are there, but there is more emphasis on expressing individual nuances of thought and opinion.

Most actions in this sharing network encourage and facilitate:
  • more nuanced expression
  • more diverse expression
  • flourishing creativity
  • flourishing individuality
  • less group-think/more individuality
  • increased expression in argument
This sharing network allows for proportionality in meaning of individual nuanced opinions about matters, as opposed to most social network feeds that allow for only one or two dimensions of perspective.

It does this fluidly and gradually, modeled after the pace at which users typically desire to elaborate.

Users are able to elaborate at the pace they desire to.

If a feature demands immediate complexity and time in such a way that removes the user from their moment of inspiration, then the feature fails to meet the goals of the application.

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