Sunday, January 29, 2017

Better Playlist Maker

Instead of having playlists, you have song banks in personalized categories.

The concept of playlists is more fluid. Instead you focus on a Spotify-like play queue as a focal point.

Adding songs to the play queue becomes more important. You want quick accessible methods to look at queue history

Method 1: Play Queue History

You look at a list of play queues from the past.

Star, bookmark, and rate favourites.

Method 2: Drag n' Drop Cherry Pick Songs

This feature is sort of like Spotify, but multiple song banks can opened simultaneously.

The software allows you to quickly:

  1. click a song bank
  2. drag n' drop songs to play queue

Method 3: Interactive Pie Chart w' Percentage n' Order

The key benefit of this feature is MACRO level control.

The pie chart puts focus of your playlist at a MACRO level, while giving you the control to add finer adjustments after the fact.

The pie chart allows you to visually:
  1. Drag song banks to a pie chart
  2. Select proportion of playtime per song bank
  3. Select how to intersperse songs from respective banks
  4. Set the 'SPREAD' of songs:
    • interspersed evenly
    • not interspersed at all
    • interspersed following order of song bank
    • interspersed evenly and randomly
  5. Set front loaded or rear loaded (In case the list is smaller than other lists.)

Potential Method 4: Nested Pie Charts

This feature would entail creating a pie chart - clicking one pie section, and then creating a pie chart that showed up in that one. Clicking on that internal pie chart would zoom into the new one.

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