Friday, January 20, 2017

Blog Post

This is a headless post. No idea what to write.

What is right?

I believe people should try to make the country a better place.

Underneath my positivity however, I have my doubts about what can be done when people do not know what is going on. Perhaps that is coming from someone who might have much less of an idea than most.

There's a Noam Chomsky quote about how citizens don't know what is going on. This quote is shared in a way that seems to imply the person sharing it really DOES know what is going on. The quote is shared to almost imply hope - that a person could find out what is ACTUALLY going on with a certain amount of effort.

I am not so sure. Hope of learning what is ACTUALLY going on seems a bit futile.

I also heard a quote today from a guy saying that people should at least try to enact change. Chances of success only increase with effort, so you might as well try.

I am not so sure this is true. Rather, I ask what other option people have. Can people do anything else but have purpose and try? The end game might be to believe despite an overpowering reality of futility.

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