Saturday, January 14, 2017

Button Grammar Brainstorms for Game Idea: 'The Ship'

There are 4 primary ship "emissions"

  • Energy
  • Matter
  • Plasma
  • Biomass

There are a number of variances that apply to all 4 emissions.

  • Volume / Intensity
  • Focus
    • 360 plane:
      •  plane selection
    • spherical emittance:
    • targeted:
      • diameter
      • center target 
    • relative to ship bow, stern, port, starboard
  • Distance of emission from ship
    • As far as it can go before dissipating
    • preset and burn out
    • preset and feed
  • Timing
    • pulse
      • number of iterations
      • time
    • delay
      • time
  • Expansion
    • spherical, planal, directional
    • infinite expansion
    • preset and burn out
    • preset and feed
    • speed of expansion
    • delay before expansion
    • proximity to object
    • proximity to/from ship
  • Attraction
    • heat seeking
    • cold seeking
    • weakness of emissions (proportionally low makeup)
    • strength of emissions (proportionally high makeup)
    • weakness towards emissions
    • strength towards emissions
    • gravity
    • anti-gravity
    • light seeking
    • dark seeking
    • motion seeking
    • etc.

Given the examples above, there are about 144 single combinations of effects in one stage of an emission. In addition to these 144 combinations, many of these variations have sliding scales of intensity that create further customization and variation, such that there are thousands of possible implementations of emissions. The game is about discovering the types of things that create noticeable effects on the external world, and then going around and making do with those.

These combinations would have designated order of initiation and things that make them occur in a specific manner.

Multiple stages can be combined to create multi-stage automations.

Multiple stages can be simultaneously engaged to combine effects of materials to create different effects.

 The game possesses rules about the nature of materials, and what they do in particular combinations. The idea is to create rules that the player can acquire easily enough to remember as general principles to recall conveniently.

So Button Grammar

Button grammar just means that there are basic principles of entering options using buttons. In most games, players grow accustomed to button sequences, going through menus, and selecting options, and doing commands. In this game, you progress through stages of constructing a larger command to the ship.

Players press a button, and they are in command mode. Once in command mode, then there are different modes of entering options. The idea of the button grammar is to make a wide set of customizable options available efficiently to players. Players should be able to press sequences of 10 or so button presses and be able to understand a formula of what that sequence will do. Players should be able to gain knowledge of how alterations to the sequence will effect the outcome of the ship emissions.

The trouble is to make it convenient and seamlessly acquired underneath fun gameplay.

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