Friday, January 13, 2017

Kinesis Keyboard

My Christmas keyboard is awesome.

It is the Kinesis Freestyle 2 with the 20" cord.

I am all about this keyboard, and I am thinking of the many ways to use it. The brilliance of it is that the sides can be sloped at any angle, even tented practically vertically. I want to make a setup where I am almost typing on the sides of my legs if possible. Not sure how I'll do it yet.

Right now I have both sides sloped out at about 30 degrees on a board that I put on my lap. Because I got the keyboard, I am now able to set my laptop up at an angle so the screen is at eye level and closer to my face. It's a whole new setup.

I can type now. It feels more natural, like I am writing. My thoughts come more easily to the keyboard.

Sloping the keyboard is amazing. It takes a few minutes to hit the keys without looking. Feels so much better than a chiclet keyboard.

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