Sunday, January 15, 2017

VR Version of 'The Ship' and Visual Examples

Because the ship is a solid orb, it has no particular windscreen. It makes for interesting possibilities as far as visuals go. Being able to expand your external view outside the ship as a spherical view makes for an interesting and visually stunning experience in a VR game. It makes sense out of a situation where you are floating around in a world, and emanating particles and energy streams in all directions.

VR Roomscale or Not?


If the game is adapted to spherical controls in a VR setup, it makes the ability to see around you with your head and amazing experience. Instead of being in a chair, you could simply be walking around in the ship. So this raises the question of whether roomscale is better or desirable. Perhaps the game is better left to not being roomscale?

Dash Controls


Many buttons and controls would be in the ship, potentially on a circular or curved console, where the player is at the center.

Focus Control Visuals

Controls for setting up planal and 360 degree focus, as well as targeting and spherical emissions would be very exciting to define by waving your hands like Minority Report and seeing transparent projections of your movements like crosshairs, transparent spheres, cones, cylinders, lasers, etc. These things would all move and adjust with your movement instructions.

Spherical focus controls would translate into the user establish a transparent sphere around the ship, then pointing to a section with both controllers, bisecting it as certain points, to cut out slices of it visually, or cutton out holes of it from central target points. The resultant sphere defines where the plume of emissions go and where they don't.

What you end up with is that you are controlling emissions like fireworks in a sense. You also control whether the spread of the full emission gets cut like a cookie cutter, or whether the energy of the whole sphere gets concentrated in the remaining area left to the sphere. This spherical method of designing emissions provides for options to either save on power or alternatively for concentrating the entirety of power to the leftover space, such as in a power point of space to form a laser or ion cannon type thing.

Imagine that the ship is an origin point in the center of a fireworks plume. If you surrounded fireworks with a sphere, and the sphere had gaps in it, then the fireworks would only come out through those gaps. So when you are waving your hands around, you are defining the space in the sphere where the emissions will come out of your ship. (The sphere is a stunning visual aid for the sake of designing the emissions plumes. There are not actually wasted emissions in the sphere's designated dead spaces.)

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