Wednesday, February 1, 2017

"SharePlace" is a Temporary Name

The name "SharePlace" for my social network idea is like a placeholder. It's not a good name.

SharePlace is a cross between a social network and a personal website or personal database.

Personal Space

An alternative idea is instead of a social network, this is an idea to personally access and organize information about yourself.

It could be thought of as a guide to yourself, by yourself - like people might have a box with personal special keepsakes.

You could call it keepsake,

It could be that sharing the stuff on keepsake is a secondary function, but that first and foremost, it is a personal for individuals to author ideas that are private, but that can transition easily into publishable ideas.

The thing that keeps people coming back to it is that the information is persistently organized in a meaningful way.

Meaningful organization of the material slowly builds over time, and so the value of your access builds over time. You do not grow board with it.

We are accustomed to having websites guide us through information about businesses and shopping. Why not have that kind of organization for ourselves?

Most of all, I find that I want a place I can go where I can access information for my use in more than a file manager. I also find that a PIM like Tiddlywiki or OneNote is too broad.  I want my information to have a visual guidance to it. I want there to be presentation to the information, such that it reflects who I am, and also reflects the way I value that information. A PIM is good for organizing a ton of information according to date or entry or very general topic.

The idea poses a great difficulty in trying to generalize something that might require every bit as much skill as properly organizing a company website. Addressing this problem seems to create other problems, either in too much control over the user - as to prevent personal touch - or too much open-endedness resulting in too much clutter.

What you want is something that provides a lot of guidance, but that allows just enough freedom at the right times to make the software special, and to make the user's account special. Accomplishing this would mean probably designing overly stringent methods of creating personal sites, and then adding in options where they provide the most important value.

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