Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Driverless Car AI

A realistic driverless car system of today would be a compromise of technology, not a full AI. It would not be a free-reign system, but specially adapted lanes on freeways. Specifically you would need a minimum of 2 dedicated lanes - one as a merging and slow lane and the 2nd for a fast, passing lane.

Such a system would be possible today. Though it would not eliminate the need for drivers fully, drivers could sleep on long stretches until the system alerted the driver of a coming exit.

If cars were adapted with some basic communication of gps and speed data, they could accelerate and brake synchronously in long chains and thus condense traffic and save gas by decreasing air drag.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Custom Hardware Manufacturer

Perhaps something like this already exists.

It seems like hardware and manufacturing technologies (like 3D printing) are at a point where individual hardware designs can be created and mailed to somebody who will produce them for a reasonable price.

The costs of such a company could be mitigated by coupling non-disclosure agreements with customers in exchange for the cheaper prices.

The customer and others can use the company's website to build and design or submit hardware products to build. The company agrees not to withhold any product variants from production and sale, but can create and combine any other ideas they own.

Customers could have specific design power over their electronics for a reasonable price.

It is not as open as open source, but it is not as restrictive as the model we have now.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Mediawiki WYSIWYG n' Features

Mediawiki Extension for WYSIWYG Editor

Current Extension | CKEditor

MediaWiki benefits from a wysiwyg editor with a big IF: that it can provide custom buttons for inserting custom wiki tags and features. Otherwise, the editor quickly becomes a hurtle to get to any features that need work. The editor NEEDS customizable buttons that insert opening and closing tags, as well as insert the cursor in between the tags, or at some opportune placement.

Similarly, the editor needs customizable buttons to insert substitutions and transclusions with a gui for selecting optional presets.

For both of these features, special namespaces could be designated to accomodate the definition of such buttons. Toolbar buttons could be selected by each user from a hierarchical menu derived from parsing these special namespaces.

A special tag in these predefined pages would designate the default cursor position, any substitution options, and any opening and closing tags.