Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Mediawiki WYSIWYG n' Features

Mediawiki Extension for WYSIWYG Editor

Current Extension | CKEditor

MediaWiki benefits from a wysiwyg editor with a big IF: that it can provide custom buttons for inserting custom wiki tags and features. Otherwise, the editor quickly becomes a hurtle to get to any features that need work. The editor NEEDS customizable buttons that insert opening and closing tags, as well as insert the cursor in between the tags, or at some opportune placement.

Similarly, the editor needs customizable buttons to insert substitutions and transclusions with a gui for selecting optional presets.

For both of these features, special namespaces could be designated to accomodate the definition of such buttons. Toolbar buttons could be selected by each user from a hierarchical menu derived from parsing these special namespaces.

A special tag in these predefined pages would designate the default cursor position, any substitution options, and any opening and closing tags.

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