Sunday, May 28, 2017

Concept Social Network

The Problems

User Problems

  • Content is shallow
  • Complex content is too inconvenient and time consuming to engage users
  • User identity is shallow
  • User experience is fleeting
  • The user experience becomes a dead end of simplicity
  • There are societal implications of niche marketing
  • Current networks lend too much to
    • group think
    • isolation confirming bias
    • extremism
    • general irrationality

Design Problems

  • User values do not exist in a vacuum (and might be illusory in the first place). Most if not all features in a successful social network have an ulterior purpose of making money.
  • Experience must become both gripping AND enriching

The Process

  • To restate the problem: the problem with social networks must not be only ai and advertising. The problem must also be that the user experience is coming up against a wall of realizable value in the app itself.
  1. Firstly, create feature concepts that err on the side of being unrealistic by focusing primarily on capturing the essence of value to be created.
  2. Second, recombine features into multiple concepts of feasible app systems.
  3. Third, run through a selection process posing questions about how to incorporate revenue strategies into the innovations.

Value Innovations

  • Individual representation
  • Democratic participation
  • Progress
  • Permanence
  • Construction
  • "Accruing Content"
  • Synthesized Content
  • Gamification
  • Deeper Identity
  • More complex meaning
  • Greater Expression

The Solution

  • The user accrues broader meaning and individual representation while meeting new people and discovering and incorporating diverse content from the social network.
  • The otherwise linear process of producing complex content is broken into one that is non-linear, naturalistic, engaging, and social.

A Concept: "Accruing Content"

Noun: Content which is greater than the sum of passively accrued parts
  • Unlike a book, a vlog entry, or a blog post, accruing content accrues naturally over time. 
  • It is gathered and formed incrementally; yet it can hold structure like themes and rhetoric. 
  • It must have similar consumable value to a vlog, blog post, or book, while also requiring little more production work than a mere collection, list, or compilation.

Closing Gaps in Gratification

  • One central benefit of accruing content is that it closes gaps in gratification. It cuts out the feeling of working to create content.
  • Work is cut out via:
    • AI that uses a lot of abductive reasoning
    • Distributing incremental contributions
    • Obfuscating methods of contribution
  • Wherever work is a must, there is a gamification that creates a sense of fun and gratification in the creation process itself. 

User Control

A user experience of control is paramount. If users do not feel that they create content deliberately, accruing content does not work as an innovation of social networking.

Given a seamless creation process that involves AI, obfuscation and a naturalistic flow, there is a key challenge in specifying where and how to balance those with user control.

A huge object of design will be to automate and obfuscate the right decisions while users can focus on about what they control. The control must be simple, clear, and tight. In order to produce largeness and complexity, user control must have parity with many automated controls to have modularity and scalability.

A Concept: "Control Parity"

"Control Parity" is about designing transference between automated and manual controls around the same function.

In other words, functionality is automated. However, as the user gains familiarity with the app, automated controls can easily be transferred to the user temporarily or permanently. The user can also instruct the app of a new method for automation. Thus "Control Parity".

Control parity is not always needed or wanted. Only the right functionality benefits the app by having control parity.

Feature Inspiration

  • Mind maps
  • Wikis
  • Google Docs
  • Google Wave
  • P2P applications
  • Sharepoint
  • 3D Web Maps
  • Logical Debate Graphing
  • ChronoZoom
  • Basically anything adaptive and collaborative and cool

Other Topics:

  • abductive reasoning
  • working documents versus deliverables
  • open source potential
  • P2P social network

Saturday, May 27, 2017

i3 / Sway Settings GUI

  • basic config file wrapper
  • color wheels for color settings
  • checkboxes to activate and select feature options
  • exec script builder and /bin options
  • basic keyboard binding recorder like compiz's settings manager or xfce's

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Linux Distro: Lightweight Wayland Distro

The idea is for a Linux distribution that uses:

  • Ubuntu based
  • Wayland
  • LXQT
  • Convenient option of either Sway or Kwin
    • distro themed styling for both Sway and Kwin
    • gui settings app for Sway
      • basic config file wrapper
      • color wheels for color settings
      • checkboxes to activate and select feature options
      • exec script builder
      • basic keyboard shortcut maker like compiz's settings manager or xfce's

Sway is an i3 replacement for Wayland.