Friday, June 30, 2017

Voice AI Phone with Small Screen

I personally would buy one of these, and it would be a marketable device.

The concept is to have a phone like older style folding phones, or slider phones, but with a voice AI built in.

A voice AI would be the central interface of the phone. Apps for the phone might have visual aspects, but the focus would drastically shift away from touch screens that are as large as possibly usable.

  • better portability
  • more pocket space
  • less phone-zombie effect
  • more Jarvis, iron man effect
  • bring back physical keyboard option (yes, that is a benefit)
  • durability and other material design benefits
  • more creative variability of hardware design
  • more niche market options overall
  • new app possibilities
  • fresh market disruption
  • different dev job opportunities
  • different type of interactive immersion 
  • watch possibilities
  • new marketable hipster possibilities
  • potential for streamlining presently messy usage scenarios

Friday, June 23, 2017

Killer Gnome Apps

Digital Public Domain Library

  • Repository with ebook versions of old and free literature
  • Public Domain Photo Library
  • Any other free/open media worth providing

 P2P Manager

Gnome Sharing is on the roadmap.
  • by-the-moment web server / sandboxed browser
  • by-the-moment P2P social network app
  • by-the-moment personal wiki

Wiki Processor

The convenience of a word processor, but for web style writing
  • Abandon paper-based features (of a word processor)
    • paper layout
    • paper margins
    • page breaks 
    •  - 
    •  - 
    •  -
  • Add interactive features
    • expand/collapse on lists and headings
    • expand/collapse sections
    • popups
    • breadcrumbs
    • multi-page options
    • linking options
    • navigation options
    •  - 
    •  - 
    •  -
  • Add other features
    • indentation on lists and headings
    • indentation on expandable sections
    •  -
    •  - 
    •  -  
  • Table features
    • sorting
    • data interfaces for analytics
    • multi-column sorting
    • db and query options
    •  - 
    •  - 
    •  - 

Usage Scenarios

LibreOffice Integration?

  • not sure, but seems logical somehow
  • possible as a LibreOffice project?
  • loose OneNote equivalent?

3D Game Built for Integrated Graphics Chips

 I. Game Engine

II. Game Builder

III. A Game Made with Game Builder

  • KISS (keep it simple sweety)
    • linear-to-no plots
    • game art facilitates clear, concise gameplay but cuts fat
    • straight forward gameplay
    • medium learning curve
    • hardcore gamers buy dedicated chips for Steam
  • Mass appeal
    • works out of the box
    • works on standard computers
    • builds affinity for Gnome and Linux
    • clean art
    • hardcore gamers buy dedicated chips for Steam
    • fun, fun, and fun . . . and fun
  • Common simple engine and solid component base.
    • Like modestly updated Doom engine used for plane games and shooter games
  • Solid base games with user expandability
    • simple P2P multiplayer functionality (max ~12 players)
    • common map creator
    • common level creator
    • common skin editor

Game Example 1: War Drone Mech Game (see MechWarrior 4)

  • vast weapon combo options in game
  • flight hardware options
    • wings
    • jets
    • drone props
    • hover boards
  • build options and concerns
    • weight distribution
    • power sources
    • weapons
    • flight
    • optional legs
    • landing gear legs
  • chassis options
    • heavy
    • medium
    • light
    • hollow (for flight)
  • weapon management concerns
    • heat problems (or some type of time sensitive bottlenecking limit)
    • time sensitive weapon charging concerns




Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Blockchain P2P Framework: The Anti-Cloud

This idea is about creating a framework that could enable a set of applications to share data over the web:
  • P2P Web Hosting
  • P2P Social Network
  • etc.

Key Advantages

  • securely serve website or application data
  • no need for static IP
  • no need for server setup
  • no need for 3rd party server
  • no need for 3rd party domain
  • open source and free and free

Key Disadvantages

  • bandwidth limits and machine limits to personal machine's
  • synchronicity limitations
  • redundant storage
  • size limitations