Friday, June 30, 2017

Voice AI Phone with Small Screen

I personally would buy one of these, and it would be a marketable device.

The concept is to have a phone like older style folding phones, or slider phones, but with a voice AI built in.

A voice AI would be the central interface of the phone. Apps for the phone might have visual aspects, but the focus would drastically shift away from touch screens that are as large as possibly usable.

  • better portability
  • more pocket space
  • less phone-zombie effect
  • more Jarvis, iron man effect
  • bring back physical keyboard option (yes, that is a benefit)
  • durability and other material design benefits
  • more creative variability of hardware design
  • more niche market options overall
  • new app possibilities
  • fresh market disruption
  • different dev job opportunities
  • different type of interactive immersion 
  • watch possibilities
  • new marketable hipster possibilities
  • potential for streamlining presently messy usage scenarios

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