Sunday, July 30, 2017

Valerian Critique

The 5th Element was a great film, because it demanded the audience be torn between an expectation for a traditional style of 'suspension of disbelief' on one hand (in conjunction with tropes belonging to its form of raw human emotion), and the exotic and fantastical elements on the other hand.

In another sense, it tore the audience between traditional elements and b-movie styling.

Valerian fell short of accentuating this contrast at regular intervals, and thus it failed to carry what gave The 5th Element its special greatness. Its writing led to unnatural character interactions, which created scenes that prevented actors from capturing human chemistry to pull you back down to earth and make you cry or laugh or swoon.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

The Next Linux Phone

Perhaps the Linux community does not need a new Linux phone.

What they need is a package of drivers, tools, and apps that can be installed on a phone that has Linux on it.

And . . .

A community like XDA that ports full Linux distros to phones.

Or . . .

Nokia needs to make a come back with an actual n900 followup.