Techno Progressivism

I classify myself as a "techno progressive".

This basically means that I think technology is highly underrated in considerations for social progress.

Technologies of lengthening lifespan and bioengineering are a lower priority to those that solve social problems: negative carbon, safe nuclear energy, and water desalination.

Not Necessarily Techno Consumerism

Techno consumerism tends to be more about selling the most trinkets to the most people, and though many people see progress in their lives through having more things like automated dishwashers, techno progressivism is about improving human quality of life on a larger scale as well.


Transhumanists seem to be naive about the timeframe of their technology, which has the negative effect of instilling false hope in people. However, I have little doubt in the long-term, eventual possibility of all the technologies Transhumanists describe.

Genetics will eventually reach a sophistication as to absolve death and present distinctions in race and gender. Artificial circuits and structures will be used to augment and replace most body parts.

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